Why I went Plant Based.

I adopted a “plant-based” diet about 6 months ago. By “plant-based” I mean that I prefer to eat plant based foods (or foods that don’t come from animals). Some people may call this vegan but I find that comes with an association of animal rights. I’m not against animal rights, and I certainly think the meat industry is disgusting, but I don’t eat plant based because I’m protesting the meat industry.

(I’m sorry vegans please don’t be mad!)

I eat a plant-based diet because I want to have a minimal impact on the planet, I want to challenge my discipline, and I want to eat a diet that is beautiful. Probably not what you’re used to hearing, right?




I know you’re wondering how I am justifying a plant-based diet on having a minimal impact on the planet. One of my focuses lately has be more aware of my impact on the planet. I know this seems extremely “hippy” or “liberal” as a few have told me, but I think its fiscally responsible for everyone on the planet to invest in their home. If we all took little steps to reduce trash, drive a little less, and be a little more conscious of how we live, we could establish great change. Eating plant-based can have a large impact on the planet such a trash reduction and decreased air pollution.

I’m not perfect at this so don’t judge my photos because I used plastic bags. It’s an awareness and a constant effort to do more that matters. We all start somewhere. For me I’ve realized that eating plant-based means I eat more fresh produce and more bulk produce. I tend to eat all my food and waste very little. I’m working on a compost so that could be even more efficient in this area. I really want a worm compost. I love worms.

Eating mostly plants for fuel my fat intake has dropped significantly, and of the fats that I do eat are primarily “clean” and beneficial. Nuts, raw oils, but no animal fats. Not to mention there are not a plethora of fast food options and eating a most restaurants can be little daunting. So I end up easting pretty clean and a pretty high carb low protein diet. My body builder friends are convinced I’m going to loose all my muscle because I don’t eat meat (I haven’t lost anything since I started).

I do get cravings. I do cave into them sometimes. I wanted to be plant-based to challenge my self discipline and see if I could break free of a lifestyle I had lived my whole life. I wanted to transform my easting experience from luxurious and lavish taste to a humble function to honor my body. I’ve been on a self honor kick and for me my diet was a big part of it. Choosing honor over privilege is the way of the warrior, and the idea of choosing health over momentary taste was clearly a tangible way for me to learn this lesson.

So far I have to say that I am pleased with the lifestyle. Its challenging me to cook and try new foods, and eat more of the rainbow. I feel better, I stay lean, and I think I’m going to continue down this path for sometime. For some reason it makes me feel more present, more aware, and I feel more aware of the world around me. Its probably not for everyone but I have to condone this one.

What we eat is important. Our bodies are important. Our planet is important. Its important to honor all of these things.





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